I can’t do this alone.

I can’t do this alone.

I think I have reached my proverbial limits when it comes to promotion and marketing my books. That includes the Rider Trilogy and the Jan Xu Adventures. The more I talk in on Twitter, the more indifference I get.

Oh yeah. Indifference. Apathy. The things that kill an author emotionally and psychologically.

So, I am tossing this out, into the Tumblr and WordPress wilderness, hoping my smoke signals are seen. Or, using LOTR imagery, lighting the fire and seeing it lit again and again and again…

The Rider Trilogy:


The Jan Xu Adventures:


Individual Buy Links:

Rider: http://www.amazon.com/Rider-The-Trilogy-Joyce-Chng-ebook/dp/B00GHMIU9S

Speaker: http://www.amazon.com/Speaker-Rider-Trilogy-Joyce-Chng-ebook/dp/B00GHMJ3N0

Wolf At The Door: http://www.amazon.com/Wolf-At-Door-J-Damask-ebook/dp/B004V51E0K

Obsidian Moon, Obsidian Eye: http://www.amazon.com/Obsidian-Moon-Eye-J-Damask-ebook/dp/B0062X32FE

These are all Amazon kindle links, by the way. Rider and Speaker have Gumroad links as well.

If you can… signal boost, talk it up, tell your friends, review the books, light the fire and never let it go out.

My gratitude will be infinite.

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    Reblogging it. Merry Christmas!


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