Interview with Joyce Chng

Turkce Bilimkurgu ve Fantastik

Dün Türkçe’sini yayınladığım söyleşinin bugün İngilizcesini yayınlıyorum.

I’ve read Joyce Chng’s book Of Oysters, Pearls And Magic and like it very much. When I saw Chng on Twitter asked for an interview. She was kind to accept and we talked about life, gender and wolves. I translated and posted the interview in Turkish yesterday. Now for English speakers the interview is below. Also you can find my review can be found on Smashwords.

The Interview

  • Of Oysters, Pearl and Magic describes a Chinese and East Asian culture. You are from Singapore and your culture plays an important role in Oysters, Pearl and Magic. For whom did you write these books? If it was for international audience, were you afraid of the reaction, or whether they’ll get it or not?

Joyce Chng: At first, I thought that I was writing for an international audience. But as I progressed and wrote…

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