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Short interview by Robin Steinberg from National Critics Choice: about Rider and Speaker.

NOVELLA is complete

NOVELLA is now COMPLETE: – CONCLUSION added to Dark Claw, an urban fantasy web serial.

So Many Authors so Little Time!

Signal boost!

So Many Books, So Little Time

So, having just reviewed a book by Joyce Chng, I am pretty stoked to point out she has agreed to write a story for the anthology Christy and I are putting together. Earlier this year we successfully funded and published Fight Like a Girl (and have gotten some pretty swell reviews!).

Our current project has a slightly different theme.

“How would an immortal deal with the End Times? The world will inevitably come stumbling into apocalypse, and They will be there to witness it. We want to explore how myths, how fae creatures of all cultures, beings generally seen as eternal (or at least very long-lived) would cope with the end of the world around them. Be it through nuclear incident, religious fervor or rampaging zombies, we are going to discover just What Follows…”

If you would like to see who else is writing for the book, read more about…

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I can’t do this alone.

I can’t do this alone.

I think I have reached my proverbial limits when it comes to promotion and marketing my books. That includes the Rider Trilogy and the Jan Xu Adventures. The more I talk in on Twitter, the more indifference I get.

Oh yeah. Indifference. Apathy. The things that kill an author emotionally and psychologically.

So, I am tossing this out, into the Tumblr and WordPress wilderness, hoping my smoke signals are seen. Or, using LOTR imagery, lighting the fire and seeing it lit again and again and again…

The Rider Trilogy:


The Jan Xu Adventures:


Individual Buy Links:

Rider: http://www.amazon.com/Rider-The-Trilogy-Joyce-Chng-ebook/dp/B00GHMIU9S

Speaker: http://www.amazon.com/Speaker-Rider-Trilogy-Joyce-Chng-ebook/dp/B00GHMJ3N0

Wolf At The Door: http://www.amazon.com/Wolf-At-Door-J-Damask-ebook/dp/B004V51E0K

Obsidian Moon, Obsidian Eye: http://www.amazon.com/Obsidian-Moon-Eye-J-Damask-ebook/dp/B0062X32FE

These are all Amazon kindle links, by the way. Rider and Speaker have Gumroad links as well.

If you can… signal boost, talk it up, tell your friends, review the books, light the fire and never let it go out.

My gratitude will be infinite.

So, I wrote about Rider on Visibility Fiction

… where I talked about Rider, its inspiration and influences.

This is awesome – Arabic SFF

AJWAN: a CGI trailer.

So it’s onwards and upwards

My books are in the wild. Some are loved. Some are loathed. Some are ripped into, snarked at.

To The Rider Trilogy and Jan Xu Adventures, there can only be onwards and upwards. We are already far along on the path. Not giving up, not giving up.

To my short stories still in the wild, hang on in there, be strong.

There can only be onwards and upwards.

NANP: Names In Jan Xu

Shadowhawk's Shade

For today’s Names: A New Perspective, I have Singaporean SFF author Joyce Chng stopping by to talk about the names in her Jan Xu series. Joyce also writes short fiction under the name J. Damask and is one of the very few Asian authors that I know of and interact with. Her work came to my attention rather recently and I’ve been meaning to give it a go for a while. Hopefully, the fast-incoming New Year means that I’ll get that chance soon. I read very little in the way of SFF that is not West-centric, but I’ve read some stuff here and there and have been exposed to some really great stuff, and its clearly a vibrant up-and-coming market as well. Besides, I’m always on the look-out for something new and the Jan Xu series seems like a good place to start. In the meantime, here are some…

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Which faction do you belong to?

Bumping this up! 🙂

A Wolf's Tale







Credit: The gorgeous logos are done by Max Loh (paperperil.tumblr.com).

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December: Start of Advent

Advent is one of my favorite seasons leading up to Yule or Christmas.

What is your Advent hope for this year?

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