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A Wolf's Tale

Jaymee Goh and I will be co-editing THE SEA IS OURS, a Southeast Asian steampunk anthology. Our publisher is Rosarium Publishing!

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Starfang: Rise of the Clan by Joyce Chng

Starfang: Rise of the Clan by Joyce Chng.

Book of the Week: ‘The Rider Trilogy’ by Joyce Chng


This week’s book preview is Riders, by Singaporean indie author, Joyce Chng. Joyce writes exciting YA fantasy and urban fantasy stories, and she’s a short story contributor to The Insignia Series and Visibility Fiction. View her profile here.

Rider (The Rider Trilogy Book 1)


Li-Fang has a way with nature. So she is sent against her will to train as an Agri-Seer, though she dreams one day of joining the Rider Corps like her sister Lixi. Partnered with an arrogant Rider, Daniel Kelso, Li-Fang must forget the wild Hunter Quetz she met by a hidden waterfall near her home, and accept who she is.

Until, that is, a wild Quetz is captured. Li-Fang discovers she can communicate with the creature, a skill no Rider has ever demonstrated, and must now confront her destiny all over again. Will going against convention be worth the cost?



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Gorgeous ebook covers!




Gorgeous, aren’t they?

They are done by By the wonderful and talented Rhiannon 🙂 Her tumblr is here: http://rhiannonrs.tumblr.com

A bit from Lux Perpetua

“Oh, cog!”


“Don’t be scandalized, Sel,” Mme T. Bell retorted back, flexing her fingers around the joy-stick. Lux Perpetua was clanging loudly now, which indicated to Mme Bell that there was a problem with either the pistons or the joints. Or both. She winced. The possibility of having her Grant withdrawn and the looks on Ladies Verity’s and River’s faces…

No. She was not going to give up.

Lux Perpetua emitted a high-pitched screech and came to a full stop. The entire frame shuddered, the pistons hissing dismally, and everything fell silent.

“Cog!” Bell swore again. “Screws and nuts!” She tugged at the pulleys and Lux Perpetua groaned, as if in protest. With a bone-jarring shudder, the Machine refused to walk.


“I think we’ve a problem, Sel.” Bell said, feeling the cold trickle of panic down her back. “The fuel gauge’s still working, the pistons – wait, I see something on the meters! Cog, pressure levels’ve gotten low. You sure you checked it this morning?”

“Of course, I did!” Selkie’s voice was all indignant outrage. A fellow Mechanatrix, she took her responsibilities very seriously. “Check the logs if you must. But I checked everything.”

Silence, the hum of a slumbering engine. Bell pulled the gloves off. They were affecting her tactile sense anyway. She preferred to touch her equipment. More reassuring. She felt the subtle purr of the engine through her curled fingers. A sleeping Leonine. The engine was working. The pistons weren’t.

“Sel? I’m going to go outside and check the pistons. Over.” She reached up and undid the carapace cover latch. It thunked open, letting in the fragrant night air. Bell inhaled deeply, filling her lungs with the fresh air and pulled herself up, deftly climbing down the inbuilt ladder.

It was frightfully cold, once her booted feet touched the ground, it being the middle of Winter Night. Frost crunched beneath the thick soles. Her breath plumed. Bell walked around the pistons, touching the metal with her hand. It burned, ice-cold. She switched her head-light on and gasped, with relief flooding her being. Ice had encrusted the pistons.

Oh, wondrous Nature, defeating Science with Her wiles!

“Sel?” She spoke into the vox-box. “I found the problem. It was frost.”

(oh yes, steampunk Tinkerbell, with mechs – you can find more of this story in Lux Perpetua”, M-BRANE SF, Issue 18)

Introductions: So, There Is A Place Called SEA (Southeast Asia and SF/F)

The Skiffy and Fanty Show

If you want to be politically aware or saavy, the member states of ASEAN (Associaton of Southeast Asian Nations) are Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Phillippines, Brunei, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.  ASEAN spreads over a region with diverse, complex and vivid cultures and ethnicities. It is also a region where migrations and intermingling of cultures and identities play an important role.

Phew, now that just sounded like one of my lessons in school. But there you have it:  Southeast Asia, explained in gist.

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To celebrate Yuan Xiao, a duology.

Yuan Xiao falls on the 15th lunar day of the Chinese New Year. It is a full moon. This festival marks the end of the Lunar New Year celebrations. Also called Chap Goh Meh, it is the Chinese “Valentine”. Generally, my family marks it with a good meal and tang yuan (glutinous dumplings).

To celebrate Yuan Xiao, I am posting this. Tale of Yin, the duology of both Oysters, Pearls & Magic and Path of Kindness.


Only 1.99 at Gumroad: here.

Happy Yuan Xiao!

Goodbye, baby.


Goodbye, baby. Rest in peace.

Submission Guidelines for THE SEA IS OURS

are up at Rosarium.