Diversify your bookshelves? Let’s do it then.

I made a plea, of sorts, on my Tumblr: PLEASE READ.

Let’s do it then.

Will Lyssa zampa, the tropical swallowtail moth, make a big appearance this year?

Otterman speaks...

The tropical swallowtail moth flew in to the corridor outside Starbucks at NUS MD11 last Saturday amidst a meeting about the Evening of Biodiversity.

The next morning I received two other sightings from the south-west, Keppel and Marina, and just now another and another. Looks like its time to post a reminder about submitting sightings though the Habitatnews webpage sidebar (http://tinyurl.com/habitatnews-records) and email me photos at habitatnews@sivasothi.com.

Lyssa zampa appears in urban environments every year and on many months, but in some years it peaks with large occurrences around May – August and the last such peak was observed in 2005.

We are always not he look out for the next big emergence.

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Excerpt: ‘Looking for Trouble’ by Joyce Chng


This week, we’d like to share a few excerpt’s from the short stories in ‘Insignia: Chinese Fantasy Stories’. Joyce Chng contributed two stories to this anthology, both are Young Adult urban fantasy stories.

Looking for Trouble by Joyce Chng

The old man is watching me. A pair of brown eyes set in a face crisscrossed with wrinkles. His hands rest somewhat elegantly on the walking cane knob. I blink. A dragon. The knob was carved in the shape of a Chinese dragon: curled beard, bulging pearl eyes and open-fanged maw.

Mind you, he looks really nondescript. Your typical ah pek, out on a MRT jaunt, probably going to the kopitiam for a cup of kopi and coffee house politics. It’s the eyes. Dragon eyes. A tian lung is looking at me. I stare back, typical teenager bravado. And mind you, I am not ah lian material, either.

The old

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Happy Release Day! ‘Insignia: Chinese Fantasy Stories’ is now live on Amazon!


Oh, happy day! I always love publishing day, when all the hard work comes together and we finally get to share our little book with the world!

I want to say a big THANK YOU to Joyce Chng and Holly Kench for contributing stories and for being awesome ladies to work with. 😀

~Kelly Matsuura~


INSIGNIA Vol.2 includes 6 Chinese fantasy stories with a mix of urban, literary, contemporary, myth-based, and historical fantasy pieces.

PART I: Young Adult / Adventure Tales

The Bones Shine Through With Light by Joyce Chng

Looking for Trouble by Joyce Chng

The Great Qilin by Kelly Matsuura


PART II: Adult / Literary Tales

The Red String of Fate by Holly Kench

Maidens of the Yangze by Kelly Matsuura

The Ghost Bride by Kelly Matsuura


Insignia: Chinese Fantasy Stories is now available from:

| Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon JP | Amazon…

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So, I started submitting stuff again.

With work being work, and my health being – well – dramatic, I have started submitting stories again. I had another scan done today – the technician was confident and the procedure was done in about 20 minutes. Now, it’s nervous waiting for results.

But, yes, I started submitting stories.

A snippet of it:

I wonder how Singaporean honey tastes,
You know, does it taste
Like car fumes, cigarette smoke
And urban housing as thick as forests
Over taking real trees and real flowers
That still grow along the roadside
Brave like the sun.

Chapter 4 of Starfang is UP!

Chapter 4: Captain Francesca receives a message.

A nice review of RIDER

in the April issue of Approach Magazine!

Health scare (not)

The scan came up clean. Negative. But my specialist, being ever cautious, slotted me for another scan on the 24th this month.

So, health scares are not funny.

Starfang chapter 3…

Boosting this up again!

A Wolf's Tale

…is up and running .

We are also looking for fan art!

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In the papers and Vellum & Ink

I was in the local Chinese papers yesterday!

And… due to work commitments, Joelyn Alexandra has left Vellum & Ink. I am now helming it. Give me some time to get it organized again.