Towards a sustainable future: Thoughts on writing Rider and pictures.

More background stuff and inspiration for the Rider Trilogy.

A Wolf's Tale

I visited the Gardens By The Bay yesterday and the experience took my breath away. Visiting the Cloud Forest and the Flower Domes reinforced why I am writing the Rider trilogy.

The tale started with a brain-flash and grew into a SFF tale set on a desert planet, with a girl who yearns to be a Rider. The desert world is hostile and the colonists struggle to survive on the planet. The Agri-seer Corps signify the management of the planet’s resources, most importantly conserving Earth species and adapting to new ones. I have often imagined how the Agri-seer Corps City would look like and yesterday’s trip crystallized it:

This was what greeted me when I entered the Cloud Forest. A thundering waterfall. The mist of water caressed my face and I went: “This is what the Agri-seer Corps City looks like!”

The Flower Dome stunned me further:

The experience refreshed…

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