On the writing front

I finally drafted… a novelette. A YA sff, with a lot of fighting, blood and explosions. And cat-like alien girl befriending another girl. You know, the usual best-friend story.

Hmm, well, not exactly alien-alien… *whistles*

We See A Different Frontier on Smashwords

WSaDF! Diversity in SFF! Postcolonial SFF!

Rider (Redux)

Published by Math Paper Press (imprint of Books Actually), Singapore.

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I am admiring this

the Jan Xu Adventures series covers.

Aren’t they awesome!?

I am one of the judges!

Science Chronicles!

Starfang fans, there’s a new chapter!

Chapter 8: where the Starfang docks at Accord Station.

Thoughts regarding diversity, business decisions and dropped series

Still mulling over this.

A Wolf's Tale

(as posted on Twitter)

So, I am still working out my thoughts regarding diversity, business decisions and dropping of series, because of lack of sales. I am not the only author who has their series dropped because of lack of sales. The decision hurts, smarts and is disappointing.

But it is ultimately a business decision. Publishing is a business and it has to make money. It’s not a matter of diversity – it’s the hard fact of “money talks”. Most of all, your story has to fit or not.

So, it’s not just “diversity doesn’t sell”, but a slew of decisions. Perhaps erotica is selling like hot cakes. Wait, it is selling like hot cakes. My kind of urban fantasy doesn’t have sex. So, it’s not just sexy. Plus the fact that I am not well-known enough to warrant a readership that would buy my books no matter what. So…

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