Chapter 20 of Xiao Xiao

… where Xiao Xiao is sick with fever.

Chapter 11 of Starfang!

We are almost at the end of the serial!

Rescue comes with a price.

Chapter 19 of Xiao Xiao

Kidnapping attempt!

And also check out the awesome cover!

New cover art for Xiao Xiao

Done by a talented local young artist: Shelley Low! Gorgeous, right?!


Chapter Eighteen of Xiao Xiao


Test-running a novelette

Pay if you like!.

Xiao Xiao (Master Post) redux

Boosting this up!

A 7 Month Flash: Rabbit

Reblogging this. The Ghost Month is around the corner!

A Wolf's Tale

There is movement at the corner of my eye. A blur of white, a frightened animal sort of white, skittish.

I concentrate on making paper ingots. Grandma has roped in all her sun zi for this tradition. My hands make tubes and fold in the corners and toss the ingot into the huge plastic bag. There has been an accident nearby, a few months ago. Spirits linger, they say and place plates of offerings, burn paper money to appease them.

It is a little girl, they also add.

I gaze down, careful not to step on the offerings. Grandma is often stern with that warning to all her grandchildren, even a grown-up like me.

Footprints. Like cat paw prints, circling the spots of white burnt ashes and paper plates with sweets. Smaller, though, like rabbit. I had a rabbit once and once it hopped through spilled flour.

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Chapter 16 of Xiao Xiao

Yuan Xiao Jie: Xiao Xiao still misses her father.

Chapter 10 of Starfang!

For readers of Starfang!

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