The truth about diversity

Consolidation of my tweets last night:

Before I turn in, some words: I am now very wary of the word ‘diversity’, since there are people who ignore it or interpret it (1/2)

for their own personal gains. Or religious “interests”. Don’t use diversity like a ticket or pass. (2/2)

This week, my own country who think that it is diverse is not.

Do you want to be truly diverse? Can you really face up being truly diverse?

This discussion on diversity goes hand in hand with privilege, race and class. And is different in different countries.

What is diverse for you might not be diverse for others. And who decides who and which is diverse? You? Me?

I believe that the US convo on diversity is different from what we perceive elsewhere. And US convo on diversity should not dictate (1/2)

what should be the same in other countries. No cookie-cutter situation: we are different. (2/2)

I think sometimes, people in the States forget that there is another world outside. Or worlds.

We need diverse books, yes. Perhaps in your context.

For SEA, the trick is to get into different markets with different needs.

So, don’t talk to me about diversity, because it’s different for you and me.

Unfortunately, for people who want to break into the US market, it’s basically “follow trends”. Or write “diverse”.

People keep on telling us to write from the heart. But honestly, who is listening?

Now who is truly interested in urban fantasy set in SEA or Chinese werewolves? Another thing is to get people who ARE enthusiastic & (1/2)

and will acquire authors and artists who are not-US and non-Anglo. Where are these people? (2/2)

Sometimes, I feel… no wait, most of the time, I feel it’s pretty talking over our heads and crossed signals when it comes to diversity.

And honestly, writing from my heart – not easy, because my version of diversity does not fit yours.

Different markets, different needs, different interpretations. And intersectional needs. That’s the issue now in the diversity convo.

It also ties in with accessibility. Not all of us have accessible to the diversity convo, or even cons.


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