More on diversity

More on diversity tweets: More and more I feel distant from the US diversity convo.

Distant, because I feel that their perspectives on diversity do not apply to me or the rest of the world.

We follow similar lines and vastly different lines. Lines do not converge. If they meet, it’s a forced convergence.

I feel that the conversations are going no where, unless the US diversity convo stops dominating and drowning other voices.

Not everyone agrees with your versions of diversity.

When I talk about different needs, I am talking about the different types of markets – and how they fulfil certain things.

SEA people want to be acknowledged, not as third-world people. BUT AS PROPER CULTURES WITH THEIR OWN TRADITIONS.

SEA voices are here to stay. My voice is here to stay. But our voices do not figure in the US diversity convo.

Once issues like accessibility are confronted, then I think discussion would properly start.

Privilege too. Confront your privilege, US. Like it or not, it’s affecting your perspectives how diversity is viewed.

Privilege affects accessibility. The US decides what is heard and what is not. It should not be.

There is the world outside the US and it is not just you.

Acknowledge the fact that you need to deal with your own issues of accessibility and letting marginalized groups speak first.

As for us folks in the SEA, we have our own issues of accessibility and what diversity means to us.

We need to re-look what diversity really is and how we are going to cope/adapt/deal with it.

Tolerance doesn’t necessarily mean acceptance. BUT we cannot push issues away and wish they don’t affect us.

So, what is diversity to you?


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