Chapter Twenty-Eight of Xiao Xiao

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Wolf At The Door will now be published under/by Fox Spirit Books.

So, right now, you have three days to get it (!) before it goes offline on Friday.

Chapter Twenty-Seven of Xiao Xiao

One of the saddest chapters I have written – I feel so sorry for her!

Chapter Twenty-Six of Xiao Xiao

The Wishes Fly Up To Heaven


Chapter Twenty-Five of Xiao Xiao

is up and running: Impasse!

Chapter 12 of Starfang is up

The final chapter is up and running: Chapter 12. Thank you so much for reading!

Holdfast Magazine Anthology

needs your help! In order to turn their first-ever print anthology to reality, they need your contributions.

And they are big on diversity!

“Read about a time-travelling law enforcer making a difficult choice, a cursed cycling tour that goes hopelessly and hilariously wrong, and what happens when the drugs don’t work on Sleeping Beauty in our fiction section. Discover what shark brains look like (spoiler: a human uterus), find out about the underrepresentation of Black women in science fiction, read a thank you letter to Margaret Atwood, and witness our attempts to convert a literary snob over to SFF in our non-fiction section.”

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