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A YA sff novelette, where a young woman fights for her homeworld.


I head towards the hospital to see my specialist in three hours’ time. My heart is jumbled up, my emotions tangled. Today she will explain to me the scans and why I have to see a breast specialist next week.


I know that the Kindle Rider and Speaker books have formatting issues. So, I kindly divert your attention to my Gumroad site:

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Full moon fanart…


Older girl’s fanart where Marianne, Jan Xu’s younger sister, slept under the glow of the full moon. Was a challenge.

She did pretty well!

“An urban fantasy set in Singapore? Never!”

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A Wolf's Tale

Face it, the shelves (physical and online) are overwhelmed with urban fantasy stories all set in the Northern Hemisphere. Jim Butcher, Simon Greene, Charles de Lint, Kelley Armstrong, to name a few. And these are the more well-known names in the urban fantasy genre.

I looked hard for stories set in Southeast Asia (and I dared to hope – Singapore). Found none. Zilch. Nadah. Granted that Liz Williams wrote something about Singapore Three, but I wanted something I could connect to. Something I wanted to see.

[I was more ambitious. I wanted to see urban fantasy stories set in Singapore by Singaporean authors (or Southeast Asia). Nope. Maybe I was living under a boulder…]

So, as a challenge, I hammered out a novel for Nanowrimo 2009. I had just given birth, my baby was two months old (and still needed my full-on attention). Writing a novel, an urban fantasy set…

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Birth of a Child:

Vietnamese mermaids!

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