Why I wrote Oysters, Pearls and Magic.

Why I write what I write.

A Wolf's Tale

Note: I wrote this last year

The story idea for Of Oysters, Pearls And Magic came in the middle of the night like a gentle insistent voice. A whisper in my ear for me to write.

Now at the moment of writing, I am heavily pregnant and will be giving birth in about three or four weeks’ time. So imagine my chagrin when I started receiving voices, images and scenarios. I was going “No, not now” but the prompting voice was nothing but persistent. And I began to write.

And what an interesting and thought-provoking journey it has turned out to be. Even though I have stopped writing at about 18, 000 words, the story wants to be continued further, the characters rich and pregnant with their own particular tales, particular histories.

But why oyster-divers and pearl-gatherers?

At first – and at a superficial level – it was simple a…

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