Writing in 2014, plus things up and down.

I did not really submit many new stories in 2014. The year had been a year of ups and downs, both emotionally and physically. Work was stressful and family – at times – compounded it, making it worse. I was becoming unhappy with work. That was the first half of the year. The second half saw me adjusting to a new work environment, and to more stress, finally culminating in my breast disease which also caused no small deal of consternation and anxiety. I was put on a strong course of medication. It took a while for me to get used to the side-effects.

Stories that did get published, in small and independent presses:

The shorts

1. Once A Week, Trafficking In Magic/Magicking In Traffic (ed. David Sklar and Sarah Avery), Gray Rabbit Publications/Fantastic Books.

2. Walkabout, What Follows, edited by April Steenburgh.

3. The Birth of a Child, Luna Station Quarterly, Issue 19.

4. Birth, Crossed Genres, the flash fiction issue.

5. Yen Lo Wang’s Wife, Fox Spirit Books (under ‘free fiction’).

6. War and Peace, Holdfast Magazine Anthology.

Serialized fiction and longer fiction

1. Starfang, Fox Spirit Books.

2. Heart of Fire, Fox Spirit Books.

Stories that are self-published:

1. Xiao Xiao and the Dragon’s Pearl.


1. “Too Asian”: Time for Diversity? Diversity in YA.

So, if you like, do nominate them for awards or things or read them. 🙂

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