The end of Dragon Physician – and some words.

Dragon Physician – Chapter Twenty-Three


Thank you to all who have supported me Patreon, read the chapters and gave me feedback!


I am going to take a Twitter hiatus, come 1st May. A much needed break, I guess, from the noise and static that is Twitter.

I wrote this on Twitter:

Sometimes, a breath of fresh air comes. The right book falls into your hand. The healing touch.

Savor it. Cherish it. Taste it. Store it for later use. Because things like this, things like synchronicity comes like aligned stars.

This one came when I was about to embark on hiatus. Look, I am not physically leaving you, Twitter. But you are a loud boorish friend.

I need my time in my forest, feet in the earth. And a time of healing, of re-growing. Like pruning and letting the leaves emerge once more.

So I am going to nibble at it, because like good soul food, you need to savor this slowly, thoughtfully. Real food for the soul.

Nevermind the junk food that comes with Twitter, with its unnecessary calories and deep fried aphorisms.

Oh the people yelling their food is better than other people’s food. But junk food is still junk good. Instant food is not good.

You get sick with the toxin build up. So, good food, good honest food is good.

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