Chapter Twenty two!

Is up. Chapter Twenty two is the second last chapter of the novella.

It has been a few months of exhilaration and fun. My disease is now in remission, but recently I have discovered another smaller lump. The appointment to see the breast specialist has been made.

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Fantasy’s Othering Fetish. Read also Parts 1 and 2!

And signal boosting! My stories for sale!, including Swiftlet’s Honor, The Basics of Flight and Xiao Xiao.

COVER REVEAL for Dragon Dancer!

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A Wolf's Tale

My publisher, Lantana Publishing, has launched their website!

And there is also Dragon Dancer, my picturebook!


Blurb for Dragon Dancer:

It is the eve of Chinese New Year. Lanterns are hung in the shopping malls of Singapore and Yao is preparing to wake the ancient sky dragon, Shen Long, from his year-long sleep. From the moment Shen Long opens his great amber eyes and unfurls his silver-blue tail, Yao will be propelled on a magical journey through the skies of Singapore to battle the bad luck of the previous year and usher in the good. Will he succeed? Will his grandfather watch over him and protect him from harm? A beautiful story of a Chinese festival and its symbolism for Chinese communities everywhere, told from the perspective of Yao, the dragon dancer.

It’s available for pre-order!

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Happy Easter! Ostara!


And this one…

The Garden of Crystals, a short story from The Basics of Flight.

Only for Easter weekend


Tale of Yin, a duology of Oysters, Pearls & Magic and Path of Kindness.

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