New chapter, since it’s almost 1st July!

Chapter Nineteen: Winter sets in and you have ghost stories.

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Giveaway happening NOW on my FB page!

For the eighth like, a PDF copy of Xiao Xiao & the Dragon’s Pearl to the lucky winner.

Might do a give-away…

tomorrow/my Sunday (if you are checking my blog!).

Stay tuned.

Last day of June hols.

I know, it’s too short a month.

But I did work on Ming Zhu & The Pearl that Shines, attended a panel on women in science fiction, planned work, spent time with my girls, and slept. At the same time, I am also coping in the change in dosage for my treatment and the slew of side-effects that arrived after.

Key words to self: never give up.

If you have noticed…

Dragon Sisters now has its own page.

For Dragon Sisters readers!

Would you like me to start a new page to discuss Dragon Sisters (my YA Qing China fantasy)? (This includes Xiao Xiao & the Dragon’s Pearl as well as Ming Zhu & The Pearl that Shines?)

That means a FB page.

And for Tuesday, a new chapter! Chapter Eighteen!

Summer Solstice (Litha), Duan Wu Jie and Father’s Day!

The weekend has been quite eventful. It was Summer Solstice, Duan Wu Jie (Dragonboat Festival) and Father’s Day. Already the Wheel of the Year is turning very quickly.

What are your harvests? What have you learnt from the past six months? 🙂

Two Ming Zhu chapters!

Two new chapters for Ming Zhu!

Chapter 16:

Chapter 17:


Throwback Thursday: The Haze-Beast

The Haze-Beast was written during the really awful haze in 2013.

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