One teacher and one student had died. Flags at half-mast tomorrow.

As a teacher, I grieve deeply. For the parents, the students and the school. You might never see the school as such – for many, the school is just a building, teachers just faceless individuals who teach kids. But a school is a living, breathing organism, a thriving thing. Deaths like this shock the system and may not recover for a while.

I remember the teachers in my life who made a difference in my life. For Ms Sun (who then got married) who passed away from heart complications, I wish I could talk to you now. For the teachers who flew to your wake but died in the Silkair crash, Fairfield grieved for all of you. For Ms Ng who believed that I would pass my math, I wish I would hug you again, but the tidal waves swept you away.
Life is so short, so ephemeral, so brutal.

To all teachers still serving and retired, I thank you all.


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  1. hierath
    Jun 07, 2015 @ 14:18:47



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