Fatigue is the beast I battle with…

… so today I am reduced to making promo posts.

Heart of Fire is available on SpaceWitch. 🙂

About diversity

Wondering about diversity and what it really means.

What means for us authors.

Explore. Build our own community. Find alternatives. Because publishing isn’t going to change overnight.


Again, another poem…

Chapter 15!

Finally, added an ISBN…

Xiao Xiao and The Dragon’s Pearl.

Yes, I am a dork. Should have done so… a while back. >.<

I know you have been waiting for this…

Chapter Fourteen: it’s Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations, but why is there sadness?

The Thing shrank

… but I am now put on reduced dosage.

Still grieving for the school.



One teacher and one student had died. Flags at half-mast tomorrow.

As a teacher, I grieve deeply. For the parents, the students and the school. You might never see the school as such – for many, the school is just a building, teachers just faceless individuals who teach kids. But a school is a living, breathing organism, a thriving thing. Deaths like this shock the system and may not recover for a while.

I remember the teachers in my life who made a difference in my life. For Ms Sun (who then got married) who passed away from heart complications, I wish I could talk to you now. For the teachers who flew to your wake but died in the Silkair crash, Fairfield grieved for all of you. For Ms Ng who believed that I would pass my math, I wish I would hug you again, but the tidal waves swept you away.
Life is so short, so ephemeral, so brutal.

To all teachers still serving and retired, I thank you all.

Fatigue has struck.


Going dark, see you on the other side.

Chapter Thirteen … is up.

… where Xiao Xiao gets a book and Xiao Xin speaks the truth: Chapter Thirteen

Where I talk about myself…

… and thank you, David, for signal boosting!

Where I talk about – well – what I write.

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