It is always wonderful to come up with playlists/soundtracks for my projects, but I am drawing a blank of late.

So, gentle readers, if you have any good song/music, shoot them my way (also tag it with the project in mind).

1. The Jan Xu Adventures.
2. The Gabriel Sutherland series.
3. Starfang.
4. The Rider Trilogy.

Dragon Dancer news

There will be a book launch for Dragon Dancer.

Stay tuned.

For Ming Zhu fans…


Chapter Twenty!

Happy Re-release Day to ‘Insignia: Chinese Fantasy Stories’




*New logo design*

Hi everyone, how do you like the new Insignia graphics? As well as the new banner and book covers, we’ve also added a new story to Insignia: Chinese Fantasy Stories! This anthology was always a little shorter than we wanted, and in preparation for print books (Yes, we’re going to do paperbacks soon!), it seemed a good time to add a story while the covers were being changed, etc.



*New cover design for Vol. 2*

The new story added is ‘Black Smoke and Water Lilies’ by Canadian author, David Jon Fuller. It’s a wonderful magical realism piece, and adds an interesting contrast to the other stories already in Insignia Vol.2. (Which are, all written by female authors). Read an excerpt of the new story here, and view David’s author page here.

David wrote a post about his story on his own site too.

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Oh yes, I am in this too.

… where I wrote a letter to James Tiptree.

Talking about race, Oppression Olympics and how to move beyond, plus something special!

It is very challenging to engage in race and gender discussions with US folks without being yelled at. It is a very tender subject, I agree – but people outside the US sphere find it difficult to talk about the issues. Do we then walk on egg shells all the time?

Bear in mind that the US has many privileges that the rest of the world do not have. Worse still is that we have the US as a cultural yardstick and that our youth are consciously and unconsciously still assimilating in all the norms from the States.

Yes, the us sff sphere isn’t perfect and most of the time, it is incomprehensible for people observing from the outside. Am I blaming us sff? Yes and no. Yes, for the toxic culture wars it has dragged the rest of us in. No, because they have to deal with their own imperfections and flaws first.

And yes, I am still working to make it a better place. Let’s focus on SEA SFF, promote our own people, mentor young writers etc.


Oppression Olympics bugs me, because it derails the discussion of important issues by using arguments of “not all marginalized groups…” or “my marginalized group is more marginalized than yours!”.

I have first seen the term used during RaceFail 2009 and well, this term is still being used by groups of people or individuals. Look, I am aware and knowledge hurts because of said oppression(s), but I also think that using said oppressions as shield or derail do not help the issue.

We have all experienced oppression(s) or are hurt by microaggressions, due to our gender/race/orientation/class. I think it’s safe to say that many of us are still healing from the paper cuts and wounds inflicted by every day microaggression or just the awareness that we are oppressed and are pained because of it.

The trick then is to move on or beyond.

How are we going to make things better?

How are we going to change or modify the situations?

Are we ready to make changes?


For Xiao Xiao fans…


Accessing The Future is out!

Accessing The Future is out now. My story The Lessons Of The Moon is in it. 🙂


Love in the Time of Starships: One Ordinary Day, with Werewolves

Thank you so much, EP Beaumont. 🙂

E. P. Beaumont

  • Joyce Chng writing as J Damask. Heart of Fire. Fox Spirit Books.
  • Jo Thomas. 25 Ways to Kill a Werewolf. Fox Spirit Books.
Disclosure: These books both come from my personal library, and coincidentally come from the same small publisher. []
Werewolves are a staple of both traditional horror and contemporary urban fantasy. Chng and Thomas write them with startling originality and resonant detail. Both novels are deeply rooted in research and specific landscapes, with vivid and memorable protagonists, and both work splendidly as stand-alone novels while being part of a larger arc. Heart of Fire is the third in a trilogy, while 25 Ways to Kill a Werewolf is the first in a planned series of three novels, with its sequel (Pack of Lies) just released this month.

In July, Fox Spirit is  re-releasing Wolf at the Door and Obsidian Eye, Obsidian…

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For people who do not like the big A…

I have uploaded Xiao Xiao & The Dragon’s Pearl on Gumroad.



Space opera!!!

A Wolf's Tale

A space opera with werewolves in space.

More here.


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