Launch of Dragon Dancer at SWF 2015

Well, I did it – me a bundle of nerves and jitters. But I launched Dragon Dancer at Singapore Writers’ Festival 2015.

Now here are some pictures of me, the River Room (the venue), the neon comfy bean bags and the audience.

meandnashswf (me and daughter)

me1swf (me and the mike)

beanbagsswf (the comfy bean bags and people!)

Dragon Dancer Cover Image

I introduced myself, a bit of Jeremy’s artwork and portfolio, and did a reading. Afterwards came the signing.

What struck me – and it would remain one of my best memories and motivation to keep writing – was this little boy, about my youngest’s age or slightly young, who was so taken by Yao, the dragon dancer, that he was the first to grab a copy of Dragon Dancer from the SWF book store run by Closetful of Books. He flipped open the book and started reading! When I sat down at the signing table, he read a few pages, his mom standing beside him. His eyes shone when I signed his name on the front page. And when he left, he was going “BOOM BOOM BOOM!” and “NOW NOW NOW!” (Shen Long’s words in the picture book). I think he didn’t want to leave. He lingered around the signing table until his parents urged him to go.

Now this made/makes my day. Never doubt the power of your words and imagination – because you will inspire people. I am so touched that my story touched the heart of one little boy. I signed “Be a dragon dancer!” on the page.

Everyone can be dragon dancers.

I will probably write more about the YA panel later in the day with Joyce Chua and Rachel Hartman about … you guess it, Insta-Love: Romance and the YA novel. But here’s a good write up by Chachic. πŸ™‚

So, write, write, write, people!

Note: If you would like to get a copy of Dragon Dancer, you can purchase from Closetful of Books (if you live in Singapore) or you can get it from Lantana Publishing.

EDIT: Dragon Dancer is also available onΒ Amazon.


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  1. Chachic
    Nov 10, 2015 @ 15:24:41

    It was so nice to meet you in person! Thank you for linking to my write up of the YA panel. πŸ™‚


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