The eve of New Year’s Eve

It’s almost weird to think that school term starts next week (a few more days !) and that it’s the New Year (2016). My working brain is telling me: Classes start next week, students are back, and focus on teaching. The rest of my body is trying to catch up: New Year? When?

To be honest, I am ready for the New Year. Time to slough off old skins, old beliefs, old dreams – and take on new challenges. But for me, the New Year is nothing compared to Chinese New Year. I have two New Years to celebrate.

So, right now, on the eve of New Year’s Eve, when the horizons look closer… let’s take a breather and remember….

… and move on.

Taking stock

Where I list my published works for 2015 and some thoughts.


2016 – Dreams Into Reality

1. That YA novella about dragon racing is becoming real – I can’t wait to see it grow. I am still waiting for the edits to come in though. But yes, hard work will pay off.

2. I really want to set up a soup kitchen in my parish for the elderly poor. Initial queries with parish priest met a wall: we do not have an inbuilt stove and oven. So, cooking might be an issue. Looking at ways to circumvent/go around the issue.

3. Is anyone keen to join me in setting up a company where we offer blank fit-and-flare dresses so that people could make their own designs? Log in, upload design or photo – and presto, you have a dress. Key issues include payment, printers, which shipping company etc.

4. Write more stories. Screw mainstream sff with their jaundiced gatekeepers who only let through those they want to see. Stuff closing its unsolicited short story manuscripts.Enough of people trying to police how and what POC/non-white writers should behave and write. Publishing is rigged, white and still stuck in the 19th century.

5. Work on my photography skills. I have let them go to waste. Mad money will be set aside for that DSLR I have been eyeing.

6. 2016 is going to be my year.

Have a good Yule!



Some thoughts regarding POC/non-white sff writers and that I am going to make it my own.

For a long time, I believed that I was a bad writer, because mainstream sff said so.

I wrote/write about women, characters and basically, the lives of girls wanting to be something. I wrote about werewolves in my own country, because a UF set in Singapore, why not.


Maybe I came at the wrong time, was not noticed by the right kind of people. Maybe I was just gosh-darned aggressive, because nobody likes an aggressive POC with opinions. So, I ended up obscure and my stories sidelined.

Come 2016, screw mainstream SFF, because they will wow and whoa at the new shiny “approved” by gatekeepers – I will write my own. I do not need sycophants pandering to me. Sadly these sycophants are loud and their readership promotes their kind of author.

Oh wait, did I just use the word ‘sycophant’? You see, I am just gosh darn loud and strident. I am not your nice POC. Too many people policing how POC sff writers should behave and you know, we start to believe that kind of shit. Do not lump all POC sff writers into one lump. We are all different, have different levels of privilege and we live in different countries.

Like the rest of the world and humanity, some are nice, some aren’t. Don’t assume we are all nice and peachy. After all, this is the internet, this is social media, people have avatars and personas. I would rather meet you off line and have a meal.

So come 2016 – it’s my own path.

Note: Not all POC sff writers identify themselves as POC. I would rather see myself as a non-white writer.

When the sky burns, you remember your name.

Back from my break/vacation/cruise whatever.



TFF-X: Ten Years of The Future Fire

Is up and running.

My follow-up poem to Lessons Of The Moon, Lessons of the Sun, is in there!


Green & Lady White

The very talented Wendy Xu did a commission for me, based on the Green & Lady White stories I wrote a while back. I love Green and Lady White as I love re-mything the Lady White Snake legend/myth. Green, of course, is my main protagonist and the story is seen through her eyes and – often – sharp tongue.

Green and Lady White

Please do check out Mooncakes, an awesome webcomic illustrated by Wendy. 🙂

The SEA IS OURS editors on SF Signal

Jaymee Goh and Joyce Chng

I am on Super Cool Books. :)

Thank you, Super Cool Books. 🙂

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