For my birthday on the 1st…

I have uploaded stories from The Tale of Yin on Wattpad, bits that give more insight into the characters’ motivation as well as… the Ships who carried the immigrants to the shores of Yin:



Writers and poets all move at different paces. Do not expect people to be like you or work at your pace or standard. Nor not all people have the privilege of time and space to write that much like you.

We are all different. To expect everyone to move at the same speed is ridiculous.

So, have I lost my geek cred?

SF Signal Mind Meld!

Yuan Xiao full moon.


The Lunar New Year celebrations end on the 15th day of the lunar month. In countries like Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, it is a big festival with lanterns, feasts and the eating of tang yuan, glutinous rice balls.

Clarity is a sword in velvet



Well, then.



SFF Read Alongs!

The Goodreads page!

This is giving me happy feels! 🙂

A Valentine’s Day picture



Dragon dancing through the Lunar New Year!

Dragon Dancer p. 11

Dragon Dancer p. 16

Gorgeous art from Dragon Dancer.


Happy Lunar New Year!



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