So, onwards to ICFA

Finally on my week-long term break – and now, I have the time to plan. What to pack? What to buy? When to panic?

I am going to get my hair cut (I hope), get another pair of good walking shoes – and hopefully, not to panic when I reach Dubai International.



About Chaser

I have been mulling about Chaser, the third book in the Rider YA trilogy about a desert planet, flying pterosaur aliens and a girl’s coming-of-age.

It being published is put on (infinite?) hold since the sales of Rider and Speaker are poor, and Math Paper Press is a small press struggling to survive. They have many books out at the moment, and I am afraid that my YA books are being drowned out by lit fic, poetry and hipster photography books. They just aren’t moving, due to lack of publicity and marketing.

At the moment, Rider is getting some eye-balls, but that’s like after three years(?) after it’s been published. I know I am not like a Big Name author or Big Six person with books on the NYT list nor am I hyped by the sff circles – so at the moment, as for Chaser, I am resigned, you know. Tired of beating my head against a hard wall all the time.

Now since it’s out…

The SEA in SEA itself!

I am so excited!

Slice of mundanity, in a photo.



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