Yellow Duckling

In Needle In The Hay’s Transitions.

An excerpt:

He was an ugly yellow duckling born in the wrong family. Or so, he often thought, staring at his pa snorting through his breakfast or his ma haranguing him about his schoolwork, before burying herself in mah-jong and gossip. He hid mostly in his room and sought protection from routine. Wake up, eat, school, soccer, home, sleep. He was a boy growing up in suburbia Singapore.  A fifteen year old with an eye for pretty girls and sweaty sports.

Yet, he had a secret and this secret made him feel like an ugly yellow duckling lost in a family of honking geese.  There was someone in him and he was this someone. He would call her – because this someone was a her – Michelle. He was called Michael; therefore she should be Michelle, his opposite.


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