A story for Dragonboat Festival

What would it be like in the future?

Captain Ver thought I had gone off the deep end when I told her my plan. I was new to the whole “explorer” job: junior science officer, not about to rock the proverbial boat. She reminded me of my job scope. I reminded her of the tradition.

… of sitting in front of dishes filled with chestnuts, mushrooms and braised meat, hands fumbling with the moist green leaf-fronds while the rest of the family shaped them into cones and then pyramids tied with bright pink plastic string.

… of a warm room steamy with humidity and moisture, while the dried leaf-fronds soaked in water and expanded in a tub of warm clean water. That kind of tree is extinct now.

Captain Ver tried one of the dumplings and loved it.

Now the Milky Way is a very big place. “River” is just a pretty name. I was trying to walk the path of the patriot who jumped into the river.

When I spaced the dumplings, a cluster of eight, the rest of the crew watched in silence. I watched the small objects float away.

Then I made more dumplings, thanks to my stash from Earth-Home.


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