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More hints of the future



A story for Dragonboat Festival

What would it be like in the future?

Captain Ver thought I had gone off the deep end when I told her my plan. I was new to the whole “explorer” job: junior science officer, not about to rock the proverbial boat. She reminded me of my job scope. I reminded her of the tradition.

… of sitting in front of dishes filled with chestnuts, mushrooms and braised meat, hands fumbling with the moist green leaf-fronds while the rest of the family shaped them into cones and then pyramids tied with bright pink plastic string.

… of a warm room steamy with humidity and moisture, while the dried leaf-fronds soaked in water and expanded in a tub of warm clean water. That kind of tree is extinct now.

Captain Ver tried one of the dumplings and loved it.

Now the Milky Way is a very big place. “River” is just a pretty name. I was trying to walk the path of the patriot who jumped into the river.

When I spaced the dumplings, a cluster of eight, the rest of the crew watched in silence. I watched the small objects float away.

Then I made more dumplings, thanks to my stash from Earth-Home.


Dragon Sisters, ready for pre-order.


Dragon Sisters

Ready for pre-order. Will be launched on 1st August 2016.

A hint of things to come.



Also, a flash story inspired by NITH’s writing prompt: illegal pregnancy.


Not Ready



Taking requests for card reading(s).

I am thinking of re-starting/re-opening card readings for people. The card system is based on my own creation, using Southeast Asian animals as inspiration. The card system itself is called “Walking The Equator Dream”.

People can request for:

1. One card draw.

2. Past – Present- Future.

Each reading will cost 5 USD. Extended reading (if readee/client wants a more in-depth reading/explanation) will cost 10 USD.

Payment will be through paypal. (sabersger at yahoo dot com).

Thoughts? If you are interested, you can contact me at sabersger at gmail dot com.


THE SEA IS OURS is available here.


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