Chapter Eight


“Our eggs are failing us,” she was saying, her pattern paler, wrinkled. Yet she held so much power. She tapped her status stick twice on the floor of the auditorium. “Our children are dying. We must make a decision.”

A Matriarch of the Eggs then. A metsa-sa. For her to speak meant that the issue was indeed dire. Indeed I recognized her now. H’rakak metsa-sa, who oversaw the hatching of the clutch where I came from. She was a kind metsa, gentle and spoke only when she wanted to.

“The Y’awel has drained our resources. The sands are losing their heat. Our mothers will suffer because their children will not hatch! Our children, our future generations, will die!” H’rakak metsa-sa said. Her voice was thin now, but everyone listened. The silence was deafening. Nobody dared breathe.

Claw of the Clan: Chapter Eight


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Chapter Seven


““Captain, I am worried for you,” April said. “This leads us into strange land.” I stared at her. Wolves know their land inside out. Being on unfamiliar land is an unsettling experience.

“Then we should proceed with caution and conquer it for our own,” I replied, knowing that I sounded braver than I actually felt inside. My stomach clenched.”

Claw of the Claw: Chapter Seven

Chapter Six


“Bodies floated. In the darkness of space they looked like specks, snowflakes at night. These bodies didn’t die happy. They were petrified, frozen in moments of fear as their air ran out. They had tumbled out of a gutted ship. There were hundreds of them.

I muttered a few verses from an oft-chanted sutra in my childhood. Perhaps the verses would help their crossing-over easier.”

Claw of the Clan: Chapter Six

A short snow bunny flash

Snow Bunny, a short flash inspired by a gorgeous picture.

Chapter Five


“It was a derelict ship.

I stared at it. I had it magnified on the view-screen. The ship had the generic design and make of a Clan ship. A minor Clan, by the looks of it. Score marks. Darkened parts that hinted of laser fire. It had been floating for a long time.

No survivors. That I was sure. One or two months. That long in space. Dead spirits lost in the ether.”

Claw of the Clan: Chapter Five


Thank you for your reviews and support!

I love the fact that people love Sun Dragon’s Song. 🙂

Thank you so much for your reviews and support!



Runner-Up in Best Young Adult

I was pleasantly surprised that Xiao Xiao & The Dragon Pearl won Runner-Up in Best Young Adult at the eFestival of Words.


Well done to all the winners and the nominees!

Sun Dragon’s Song #1

is now available for comics reviewers on Netgallery.


I am in awe of Kim Miranda for her awesome beautiful art. She brought Ho Yi’s world to gorgeous vivid life. And I am also grateful for the opportunity given by Rosarium Publishing. You folks rock!

2016 Finalist Seal

I finally got this:


Going to see if I could find time (weekends are busy for me) to attend eFestival of Words. 🙂

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