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Chaser, (The Rider Trilogy, #3)

Li-Fang is now the Speaker of the Quetz, as well as a Rider. Determined to find out about the enigmatic flora and fauna of the planet, she sets up a research center right in the middle of Quetz land. The storms are coming and they are turning more severe. What is happening to the planet? Can Li-Fang and her beloved Hunter find out the reasons why Jin is turning against her human colonists? Is time running out?

The third and final book in the Rider Trilogy, Chaser is an exciting adventure in the land of the Quetz. 

Chapter Four


“I was relieved when the month was over. Starfang was ready for her tour-of-duty. I read all the updates from the different departments, signed off and made final suggestions. This time, she had a new rig and firing system.

Find Yeung Leung, I promised myself. Kill him. Avenge the Pack. Avenge Mariette.

Redeem myself. Pull April away from whatever was eating her.”

Claw of the Clan: Chapter Four

The House.

A semi-autobiographical flash.

The House.

A house stood in the middle of this forest/over-grown garden opposite the flat where I stayed in. It was an old abandoned bungalow house. But of course, I was too little to know what a bungalow was. To me, it was just a big house.

Chapter Three


“I felt Mother’s eyes on me, the familiar and unpleasant heat of judgement, of unspoken anger. Did I fall from her expectations?

I stared beyond the fireworks. I wished I were onboard Starfang and away from all this pretense and posturing.

One of the ceremonial lions, rimmed with thick black faux fur, danced before me, bowing its head. Lion fur colors had meaning. This black lion wasn’t the Guan Gong lion. This one signified youth, like a headstrong teenager. What was Mother trying to say with the lion? That I was headstrong and had to be restrained, chastised.”

Claw of the Clan: Chapter Three

Fic: Liao Zhai Hunter

And it’s Ghost Month… and we did talk about ghost-hunting apps.

Liao Zhai Hunter.

Chapter 2


Claw of the Clan: Chapter Two

“I hate you, Yeung Leung.

A growl grew in my throat. With a sigh, I splashed water on my face. Enough. I hated being weak. I had to go see Lien.

The familiar scent alerted me that April was close. I slipped out of the hot spring and draped the dry towel around me quickly, while hating the forced and pretend modesty. I had known her since I was a child and we were a Pack now. Nudity was natural for us.

We loved each other. Our love was banned in our world.”

So, werewolves in space?

I seem unable to pull myself away from werewolves and lycanthropy. In this case, Chinese werewolves who cherish family ties, traditions and culture. I have an urban fantasy (contemporary fantasy?) series set in Singapore. Then this story idea crept in – a space opera with werewolf merchant/warrior clans. At first, I wanted a grimdark feel to it, but I think the story took its own form and shape.

I don’t think I will ever write to industry standards or trends. The werewolves-in-space idea might be laughable to some, hilarious to others, but it has been fun writing it and visualizing a world with metal and fur.

Starfang: Claw of the Clan is now serialized on Wattpad and Patreon. Wattpad has a better format and does not screw up layout and wording. Many grateful thanks to my supporters and readers. 🙂

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