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“The scream from Uncle Mat’s house tore through the air like a serrated knife, chilling my blood. Oh god somebody’s in trouble!  I dropped the book I was reading and dashed out of the house, still clad in my boxers. It was Saturday and I was planning for a good rest, perhaps another sleep-in.

Another scream, this time softer and less… painful, and accompanied by children giggling.

I rounded the corner only to find Filipe playing chapteh with Mat’s five grandchildren. The red and orange feathers leapt in the air as Filipe expertly kicked the toy with his foot. The five harimau cubs, ranging from the ages of five to ten, were giggling and clapping their hands at the spectacle. I never knew he was that good at shuttlecock. Then again I hardly knew anything about him.

The adrenaline fizzed out of me and I sank to my haunches, rubbing my face. Oi.”

Cover reveal!

Halcyon Days will be launched (of sorts) as a serial on Wattpad on 1st October. But the cover reveal for both Dark Claw and Halcyon Days comes early:



1st October!



Change is on the way.



SUN DRAGON’S SONG #1 is released!



The wheel of the year turns…

… and suddenly, Yule is in about three months more. The year has moved very quickly, the world seems to have wrapped itself in pretzels of pain and sorrow. As a writer and an educator, I find it more than ever to stand firm on my beliefs of love, compassion, kindness and tolerance. At the same time, I have to stand firm on my own beliefs and not be swayed by partisan politics, be it in the sff-sphere or the larger community. If you are not in a group, you are suddenly “not one of us”. We tell our kids not to get sucked in by kindergarten/high school mentality, but yet we adults sometimes end up falling into this trap.  We tell our kids not to become petty and sink down to the levels of their bullies or in-group nonsense, but yet we end up stuck in the same mire. We play the silly games the kids and teenagers do and wrap ourselves in pretzels of pain and sorrow too.

As a writer and an educator, I always keep it a point to practice what I preach. Walk the talk, be honest, be kind, be true to self.

When 2017 rolls in, about four months time, let’s remember that our kids look to us for role models. What kind of world do you want to live in?

Chapter Ten


“I found her standing in her exercise kit, her wooden staff in her hand. Her hair was tied in a neat ponytail. She looked like Fa Mulan from our clan stories, legends passed down from generation to generation. Determined, yet a hint of fragility, of mortality.

I actually debated with myself if I would wear my exercise kit. I still experienced immense self-consciousness about my arm. When I saw April, my heart lifted. With a sigh, I grabbed the staff from its rack and gave it a preliminary swirl. The staff was a solid comforting weight in my hands.”

Claw of the Clan: Chapter Ten

Fantastic review of Sun Dragon’s Song

I woke up with bad vertigo and a distinct feeling that things are doing downhill… or at least, careening down pretty quickly. It’s strange, because it’s Sunday and it’s all blue skies and all, with the sun throwing in a couple of glorious rays.

Then I saw/read a a fantastic review of Sun Dragon’s Song and things look moderately better.


This arrived safely!


Interested? Find out more at The Arcanum Book.





It’s official.

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