Thank you, Airship Ambassador!

Where I talked about steampunk, Southeast Asia and Southeast Asian steampunk.


It’s 1st November!

Wolf At The Door will be out on the 1st of November!

It’s out!

Climate change roundtable at Strange Horizons with Ishki Richards, Kate Elliot and Rebecca Roanhorse: “Water Is Life”.


Got word that Wolf At The Door is now printed! Can’t wait to see it in bookstores.



Rose Thorn & Sword has a new cover, too!



Halcyon Days Chapter Five

Recovered from the ordeal, I requested to leave Singapore. I couldn’t bear to live in a country with too much bad memories. Father was understandably upset.

“Stay,” he had said coldly while I stood like some errant schoolboy caught by the discipline master. I felt secretly rebellious and deeply angry that even my own father couldn’t understand me. Damn drakes and their arrogance. But by that default, I too was arrogant. We stood in his office. Suddenly all the furniture and lighting felt oppressive, pressing against me like some dark shadow.

“No, Father,” I spoke. “I am leaving.”

Halcyon Days: Chapter Five: Memories

Wolf At The Door cover!

Thank you, Gerakbudaya!



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