SWF: Urban fantasy at your doorstep

The panel was awesome! We read from our books and answered thought-provoking questions from moderator Lin Xueling ( author of The Island In The Caldera) as well as from the audience.


(from left to right: Lin Xueling (moderator), me, Xie Shi Min (Dragonhearted), Nicholas Yong (Land of The Meat Munchers))

Some take-aways:  Things that anchor us to story (Singlish, places we remember, our own cultural traditions etc), writing for an international audience vs writing for local readers, Singaporean literature, diversity, how to market our books to regional countries like Indonesia – translations etc.

Also: Never give up, keep on writing. 🙂

Also: Gave away copies of Halcyon Days.


(My eldest’s sketch of us, done in 10 minutes!)


(Me posing with Rider, Shi Min’s Dragonhearted, and Wolf At The Door)

If you are keen to get Dragonhearted and Land of the Meat Munchers, they are from Scholastic Asia and Marshall Cavendish respectively).

Photo credits: My lovely husband!


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