Since the contracts have been signed…

Guess since the contract has been signed, I am happy to announce that “Decision” has been sold to Laksamedia’s all Asian anthology “Where The Stars Rise”.

Psst, it has shape-shifting spiders.

Likewise, another story has been sold to an anthology about Singapore’s future. 😀 This anthology is edited by S. Mickey. Lin.

What’s a weed? An Answer from Marcie of Peanuts Fame

This is one of my favorite Peanuts strips.

Umbel & Panicle launches today!

If you love plants and things botany-related, Umbel & Panicle launches today. 😀

Plants are diverse. The eco-system itself is diverse. So, the editors would like to see diversity in the subs.

POC, SEAsian people, people who fall in between the margins like weeds (and I love weeds): please submit! 😀 .

Liminal people, people whose identifies overlap, like hybrid cultivars, please submit.





Awards eligibility post

I am not sure if I am eligible for any awards or whatever. But 2016 is not an easy year for me.

You have wings, therefore you must fly, The Book of Imaginary Beasts: Book #53: Erase And Rewind.
Running From Shadows, (ed. by Kelly Matsura), INSIGNIA Vol. 3.
Green & Lady WhiteThe Arcanum: Mythology of the Ancient World
Sun Dragon’s Song, illustrated by Kim Miranda, Rosarium Publishing.
Yellow Duckling, Transitions, Needle In The Hay.
When All Colors Have Gone, Rambutan Literary, issue 3.

dragon girlsRambutan Literary, issue 2.

The Sea Is Ours with Jaymee Goh (Gerakbudaya)

“Water Is Life”: A Roundtable About Coasts And Rivers Affected By Climate Change with Ishki Ricard, Kate Elliot & Rebecca Roanhorse, Strange Horizons: LINK.

Cover Reveal & Update – Insignia Vol.4


Hello everyone,

If you’re like me, you’re counting down the days until Christmas Day and/or the start of vacation!

Due to the chaos of work and life around this time of year, I am still working on editing/proofreading for Insignia Vol.4, so will delay releasing the ebook until January sometime. I really need the quiet of a few weeks off work to concentrate on it.

But, I do want to share a little treat with you all, so here is the finished cover and blurb!

an-ins4INSIGNIA Vol.4 includes 9 Asian fantasy stories with a mix of literary, contemporary, myth-based, and historical fantasy pieces. Countries included are Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Japan, China, India, and Nepal.

With stories by: Joyce Chng, Sheenah Freitas, Russell Hemmell, Allison Thai, Anna Tan, Tina Issacs, Nidhi Singh, Erica Gonzales, and Kelly Matsuura.


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It’s up! :D

A short titled When All Colors Have Gone is in Rambutan Literary’s 3rd issue which explores the theme of food.

Support this awesome literary magazine publishing Southeast Asian literature and art! 😀

Knitting and calming myself down

I have been knitting.

I learned this from my mother and found it immensely useful when I was pregnant with my eldest. I had hypertension and I was basically in and out of the hospital. So one way to calm myself down and lower the blood pressure was knitting.

Now, I re-started knitting again, because I find myself anxious about what’s happening in the world. It’s very calming and at least, I can make something tangible. 😀



Wolf Howl


Wolf Howl

Poem: Salt of the Earth

Salt of the Earth

Inspired by the yakhchal.

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