Crawling Back Up

Last Tuesday, I had a sudden on-set of high fever and joint pain. Overnight, my body felt as if it was burning up, so much so I couldn’t sleep, because my entire being was on fire. The next day I went to see my general practitioner, but it was the locum instead. He told me that I might have dengue fever (for a country that prides itself on technology, cleanliness and progress, we still have dengue, thanks to the Aedes mosquito). He seemed to have already made his mind up, gave me painkillers+muscle relaxants and sent me off, with the warning that the fever hadn’t abated, I needed to take myself to the ER. The fever proceeded to go up and down, but finally broke (of sorts) on Friday. The symptoms associated with dengue fever didn’t appear (fingers crossed). It’s now the 6th day, almost a week.

My parents thought that I got a touch of the flu. So did my significant other. All I ever want now is to crawl back up and get back to health.

A werewolf space opera short story will be appearing in Werewolves Versus Space in March. I can’t wait. 😀

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