Kelong (Fish Culture) in Singapore.

Went to a kelong, which basically means an off-shore platform, generally constructed with wood. Kelongs are built for fishing or are in the business of fish culture. In Singapore, some kelongs have also become restaurants with boats ferrying people to and fro.

The kelong is a living breathing structure surrounded by water, living off the sea. They even had dogs guarding the areas where they cultivate and harvest the fish. Walking around the kelong, you would see that plants have taken root, mussels and oysters cling to the ballasts that keep the platform stable and floating, small fish huddle in schools, taking shelter under the ballasts.


(The boat ferried us from the jetty to the kelong)


(Mussels cluster on the ballasts… any available space underwater, even ropes)


(A living breathing platform that cultivates fish and is home to the fishermen)

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