Mulling over panel stuff

I had a wonderful time at Swancon 42. 😀

Now, I am processing thoughts regarding whitewashing and the lack of representation.

Mulling over panel thoughts: how people with privilege can use theirs to speak out and fight racism in publishing and film.

They have the power and the choice to say ‘enough is enough’. But why is this not happening as frequently as it should?

Money + protecting one’s back + structural/systematic racism = one big bad combo.

I see this happening in publishing a lot. Big publishers, big budgets, wanting to play it “safe”.

Small presses, in turn, are gutsy and dare to take diverse writers on. Problem: they don’t have that kind of budget.

I would like to see this disparity addressed coherently and without backpeddling.

Big pubs make conscious and deliberate decisions, because business. Yet in their rush to make money, they also suppress or omit voices.

They keep on saying representation matters. 1) Is it geographically specific? (US domestic diversity) & 2) Is this addressed to worldwide?

Lastly, ‘cos I am keeling over (exhaustion due to early flight): I wish the markets talk to each other. You are in the same industry, ffs.


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