I stopped a harasser.

So, I got my errand(s) done. New passport, whee!

Then I headed to my favorite juice shop. Saw a man literally going off at an old woman who was handing out flyers. He was violent and almost hit her, so much she was terrified and basically fled. I watched her hyperventilate on her phone (calling a loved one?). She was that terrified.

The man disappeared and reappeared with station security! He loudly claimed that he was harassed or verbally abused by her. But she said no and one more lady – thank you, bless your heart – confirmed it. We both saw the man verbally abusing the old lady. I honestly thought he wanted to hit her.

I confronted the man and stared him down. He yelled at me that he had to be pitied because of his heart issues. Actually peeled back his collar to show off his surgical scar. But faced with so many witnesses and bystanders, he fled while growling curses at all of us. I think he also wanted to hit me as well.

I reassured the old woman not to be frightened and told the station security to help keep an eye on her. And kudos to the young lady at the juice shop who also promised to keep an eye on the situation, because I have an awful feeling he would be back.

So yeah. That’s my early afternoon.

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