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Tonight I remember my great grandmother. I only knew about her in drips and drabs, in portions, in pieces. She came from a family of bone-setters and physicians who plied the roads, wandering into villages to heal the sick. She was also a herbalist, of sorts.

My grandmother didn’t talk much about her. My information about her is from my dad who got his from his mother – and even then, memories fade or are self-censored.

When I found out that one side of my family had bone-setters and physicians, it it was a little too late.

I should have become a physician, I told my dad who basically rolled his eyes at me.

You are bad in maths, he said.

I promised myself to take the Red Cross first-aid course.


I often feel that our ancestors speak to us, deep in our blood, deep in our bones. Heritage is not merely passed down through physical bloodlines, but the memories encoded in our familial history. Their dreams, their hopes, what they did, what they loved. And like genes, they skip generations.

That’s why my daughters had golden-tinged hair when they were born and that’s why my youngest look Eurasian. I tell my husband that it’s because of the Portuguese blood in his family.

But it’s not just blood and genes. Our ancestors impart their knowledge in so many ways. Most of the time, we just have to dig.

I wonder if my love for plants stems from my great grandmother. Botany. Plant lives. Looking at weeds and knowing their worth. Foraging for wild greens. Knowing each and every plant name when I walk along the roads. Did she do the same thing too? Memorizing the names? Herbalism is both learnt knowledge and intuition. Did she learn from her parents?

Two things today

1. Natural, a science fiction story that first appeared in my self-pubbed anthology Envisioningjust a single pill to solve hunger.

2. The last Rose Thorn & Sword chapter: peace, oh peace.



Announcement: Luminescent Threads: Connections to Octavia Butler.

Luminescent Threads: Connections to Octavia Butler

I join an impressive list of contributors who have their lives touched by Octavia Butler. I often wish I had the opportunity to meet her.

Excerpt: ‘I Found Love in an Urn Full of Ashes’ by Joyce Chng


This Chinese demon-world story is just as exciting as the title! Written by the amazing Joyce Chng, who’s stories have appeared now in all 4 Insignia Series anthologies.


‘I Found Love in an Urn Full of Ashes’ by Joyce Chng

The entire cave kingdom gathered for the wedding ceremony. The bats escorted the foxes, the deer, the spiders, the snakes and even the lowest toads to the Great Hall, chittering away as they flew above the heads of the guests, guiding and scolding them at the same time. The snake women hid their smiles behind their long sleeves, their eyes shining with speculation. The spider women clustered together, weaving their silk idly. I had already received their tribute of the best-spun spider silk robes, a wedding gift for my bride. The foxes readied their cymbals and pipes to greet my bride when she appeared.

Fu Xi even procured a…

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