Where I talk more about Starfang…

Thank you, The Future Fire, giving me this opportunity to talk about Starfang, the inspiration behind it, and what in store for the future.



I am also in Trials By Whiteness (Wiscon Chronicles 11).

Wiscon Chronicles Vol 11

Wiscon has always been the con I wanted to visit for a long long time. To be part of such an awesome line-up of authors, writers and readers is exciting for me. But one day – I will attend Wiscon…

So, planning begins with me drawing… things.



Let’s get things started again.

I went for my jog/walk this morning. Came back and jotted down my to-do items. Then, I sent off edits and a new novel.

It’s time to start things started again.


Back from Cambodia

It has been an amazing and humbling experience.

Cambodia Trip 2017 185

(Halo framed by two ancient trees, Ta Phrom, Siem Reap)

Will be in Cambodia for a week

VacationBe right back


Where I talk about kids on the bridge, cargo ships…

326th episode of The Skiffy and Fanty Show


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