So I wrote something about Duan Wu and Dragonboat Festival

Dumplings and Dragonboats

When I was a little girl, I used to watch with open-mouthed admiration and puzzlement as my mother prepared the ingredients for the making of zong zi (rice wrapped in leaf). She would make a variety of fillings: sweet chestnuts, dried shrimp, pork meat, and mushrooms. There would be a lot of soaking, stewing and boiling of the ingredients. Then, there was the rice. Washed, it was not the usual rice we use for eating at the dinner table. It was glutinous rice. While these ingredients were being prepared, she would soak the bundle of dried bamboo leaves with boiling hot water. Steeped in the water, the leaves magically would regain their lush greenness and the air would fill with the fragrance of something like jasmine tea. This fragrance would follow me until adulthood. – See more at:


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