Dragon Sisters!

It’s 1st October. Children’s Day in Singapore… and it’s the launch of Dragon Sisters.

Dragon Sisters (Print)

Dragon Sisters (Gumroad/mobi)

Dragon Sisters (Kindle)

dragon sisters

WATER INTO WINE is released into the wild!

Water Into Wine main page

Amazon (Kindle)


Gumroad (Psst, buy it now on the 27th September and proceeds go to Puerto Rico aid!)




One of those days.

When I feel small and tired and irritated. That I am a general failure.


If you are curious about Chinese diaspora sff.




I have done it. Paid and bought the remainder. It’s… a release, but the tears are coming. It’s an emotional punch in the gut.

A painful decision

Yes, I made the decision to buy the remainder of my YA SFF (Rider and Speaker) books as they are not selling. Sales have been bad. The books have not been moving just as quickly as I’d though. Not sure whether it’s due to marketing or that Singapore’s indeed a small market – but I think it’s time to take them off the shelves.They have languished long enough. :/

That the remainder cost approx. 800 SGD… well, will be a strain on my pockets, but I pray the pain is worth it.

The moment when the light bulb lights up…

Working on my mss and using the story charting technique with a trusty Excel file… and suddenly, the light bulb lights up in my head.


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