Where I talk about food as a common motif…

Book Bites: A Common Motif With Joyce Chng

Food is a common motif in all my stories, from my YA fiction to my general/adult stories. For me, growing up Chinese, food is the glue that knits the family together and many festivals are food-based. The family gathers around the table on Lunar New Year’s Eve, a symbol of family reunion, and the food on the table symbolize a smooth and prosperous year as well as happy relationships at home. My mom would show her love by cooking me food. She isn’t the most demonstrative of moms when it comes to showing her affection, but her love comes through in the soups and dishes she makes. Food is not just physically nourishing, but it’s also emotionally and psychologically sustaining. It feeds the body, the family, and to a larger extent, the community. Enjoying food, even a simple offer of hot jasmine tea, affirms the bonds between friends, lovers and family.

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