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Grief: A Process



The Heart of the Matter: Religion

The third world-building essay on religion is a fitting conclusion for November.


Oysters, Pearls & Magic

has a new cover.

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To my American friends

To who celebrate this holiday with family and friends.

thank you_thanksgiving

Get Me To ICFA 2018

I have started crowdfunding for ICFA 2018.

It has always been my dream to attend ICFA, a professional conference by International Association For The Fantastic In The Arts, held annually in Orlando, Florida. Your donations will help me in terms of air fare, accommodation and expenses. As a Singaporean science fiction writer, this is a fantastic way to know more about the international field.

At ICFA, I get to meet fellow writers, editors and academics all passionate about science fiction, fantasy and the fantastic in the arts. I also get the opportunity to read my stories at readings and panels. Likewise, this is an awesome time to interact with writers and friends in the industry.

What I do as a Singaporean science fiction writer: I write science fiction and fantasy. I started writing professionally in 2007, published my first short story inspired by Asian steampunk in 2010, and spearheaded Singapore’s first Singapore-centric urban fantasy novels with Chinese werewolves in 2011. To date, I have written a space opera trilogy with werewolf clans as well as a novella that looks at war and identity. Likewise, I have written YA novels and stories. My picturebook, Dragon Dancer, will be launched in the United States of America in 2018.

The Heart of the Matter: Food

I talk about food and how we write food into our stories in this delicious essay. I got hungry looking at the pictures!

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