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Grief: A Process



The Heart of the Matter: Religion

The third world-building essay on religion is a fitting conclusion for November.


Oysters, Pearls & Magic

has a new cover.

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To my American friends

To who celebrate this holiday with family and friends.

thank you_thanksgiving

Get Me To ICFA 2018

I have started crowdfunding for ICFA 2018.

It has always been my dream to attend ICFA, a professional conference by International Association For The Fantastic In The Arts, held annually in Orlando, Florida. Your donations will help me in terms of air fare, accommodation and expenses. As a Singaporean science fiction writer, this is a fantastic way to know more about the international field.

At ICFA, I get to meet fellow writers, editors and academics all passionate about science fiction, fantasy and the fantastic in the arts. I also get the opportunity to read my stories at readings and panels. Likewise, this is an awesome time to interact with writers and friends in the industry.

What I do as a Singaporean science fiction writer: I write science fiction and fantasy. I started writing professionally in 2007, published my first short story inspired by Asian steampunk in 2010, and spearheaded Singapore’s first Singapore-centric urban fantasy novels with Chinese werewolves in 2011. To date, I have written a space opera trilogy with werewolf clans as well as a novella that looks at war and identity. Likewise, I have written YA novels and stories. My picturebook, Dragon Dancer, will be launched in the United States of America in 2018.

The Heart of the Matter: Food

I talk about food and how we write food into our stories in this delicious essay. I got hungry looking at the pictures!

Eligible works (2017)

I am still grieving. The pain will never go away. Life still has to go on. In the outside world, it’s awards nomination season. I have some eligible work.

  1. Water Into Wine, Annorlunda. (novella)
  2. Starfang: Rise of the Clan, Fox Spirit. (novella)
  3. Skyscarves/Aurora, Glittership, Spring (April). (poem)
  4. Qi Xi, Uncanny Magazine, July 4th. (poem)
  5. Decision, When The Stars Rise, Laksa Media. (short story)
  6. Diary of War, Anathema Magazine, December 5th. (short story)

Good bye, Meow

I am so sorry. 😦



Worldbuilding essay 1 is now on Patreon.


(Source: Pixabay. Alaskan landscape)

Ever wondered about worldbuilding? Every writer has their own style, their own theories. In the Heart of the Matter, a series about worldbuilding, I talk about the landscape where its physicality affects other things in worldbuilding. Plus a tiny exercise you can try. 🙂

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