Eligible works (2017)

I am still grieving. The pain will never go away. Life still has to go on. In the outside world, it’s awards nomination season. I have some eligible work.

  1. Water Into Wine, Annorlunda. (novella)
  2. Starfang: Rise of the Clan, Fox Spirit. (novella)
  3. Skyscarves/Aurora, Glittership, Spring (April). (poem)
  4. Qi Xi, Uncanny Magazine, July 4th. (poem)
  5. Decision, When The Stars Rise, Laksa Media. (short story)
  6. Diary of War, Anathema Magazine, December 5th. (short story)

Good bye, Meow

I am so sorry. 😦



Worldbuilding essay 1 is now on Patreon.


(Source: Pixabay. Alaskan landscape)

Ever wondered about worldbuilding? Every writer has their own style, their own theories. In the Heart of the Matter, a series about worldbuilding, I talk about the landscape where its physicality affects other things in worldbuilding. Plus a tiny exercise you can try. 🙂

When vet fees attack

My old boy cat has a haetoma that is growing larger and larger. Last night, it ruptured. We have to get him to the vet as soon as possible. I have to shoulder the brunt of paying the fees. Go figure. Person who’s not holding a steady job and getting a regular paycheck… paying the expensive vet fees.

So, if you can help.

Paypal: paypal.me/JoyceChng



Water Into Wine:

The Jan Xu books:

Sword physics and math

“As a precursor to the worldbuilding essays, let me give you a taste of what I am researching/reading. The text I am using is a 19th century treatise/study of the sword. So it has been an interesting read so far, minus my instant gut reaction to yell at distinctly colonial and imperialist language… because it was an 19th century British text! British Raj and all…”

Read the rest here on my Patreon.


Asian spec fic promo! all at 99c!



About wanting to write full-time

Still relevant, especially when I re-examine Patreon earnings and the contemplation of going back to full-time work.

That being said, please help me decide what to post for November content?

A Wolf's Tale

I am mulling over this thought while I am doing editorial work on this Monday morning. First thing first: A big warm hug of gratitude to my supporters, readers and signal boosters! Without your likes and your support, I won’t be able to continue writing and producing things.

But that being said, this is the hard part. Can I reach $100? I know times are hard and I totally understand that. It’s always my dream to write full-time and 2017 is proving to be the year where I am actually *writing* a lot. Which is good – and this also gives me time to work on my health issues (invisible illnesses are no fun) as well. I left full-time teaching for good last year and deciding to embark on full-time writing was/is a big decision. I tried it a while back and it failed spectacularly. I ended back going back…

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