Happy Ren Re/Ren Ri!

Today we celebrate the seventh day of the Lunar New Year. Lunar New Year celebrations usually last for fifteenth days, culminating on the night of the full moon which we also call Yuan Xiao or Lantern Festival.

The seventh day celebrates the birth or creation of humankind. So, today is literally everyone’s birthday! Tradition dictates we eat dishes with seven ingredients or items in them like seven-vegetable congee. In Singapore and Malaysia where most Southern Chinese have settled, we celebrate with lo hei where we eat yu sheng or yee sung with seven brightly colored vegetables (carrots, radish, cucumbers, pomelo, preserved red ginger etc), raw fish and condiments like pepper and cinnamon powder.

To celebrate this auspicious (even 22/2 looks auspicious), a special  something for my Patrons, supporters and readers on my Patreon.

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