Slice-of-Life SFF: a collated thread

I went off on a wee Twitter thread about slice-of-life SFF, because 1) I write it and 2) I want to see more of it in the genre.

We need to talk about slice-of-life SFF, because this is a legit THING.

How people eat, live, love, look after people they care/adopt/command (even), the moments ignored by the explosions, the big political scenes etc. How a matriarch holds her newborn grandchild. How the fam (bio or found) gathers around the table for a meal or even a chat.

How people dance, laugh, share jokes, hold hands (or appendages), breath together, recipes, to-do lists. I am sure all the great military sff commanders have someone to iron their uniforms. How the laundry systems works, how people relax in hot springs.

How people deal with emotions, like grief, how the community gathers around to deal with pain, grief, loss etc. Give me a recipe or a song to show me how they deal with it and grow stronger from it, when tears are dried, when people smile once more.

How people react to war and the consequences. Legit sff is all about the glamor. Slice-of-life seems how peope cope with it, with their new emotions, wounds, experiences. How slice-of-life scenes knit the bigger scenes together.

It is quieter, not as flashy as big SFF, but it’s part of it, it’s IN it, like the moments between important scenes. It’s like music. Slower, gentler, kinder parts where the souls rest, the bodies heal, nourished by food, love, care.

That’s how slice-of-life works. It’s worldbuilding too. It’s part of building your world to be more realistic, like how you live NOW. Like how a found fam treats the teen in their midst like a bio fam, how we resonates because we have seen such experiences, known them too.

Been writing slice-of-life since X years. Love it, will write it more. Because I watch, I observe and it’s part of who we are and what makes us whole. So, give me more domestic scenes, recipes, moments where we can breathe together.

Break is good.



We are not monoliths

Oh yeah. Chinese is not a monolith. Asians are not a monolith. A country is not a monolith. Even people are not monoliths. This is how diversity works: we are all diverse, right down to our race, background, country, orientation etc.

1st May/Beltane Card Readings are now OPEN

1st May/Beltane Card Readings are now OPEN

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Updates regarding the Kickstarter for Women Up To No Good

Oh yeah, universe…



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