Grimdark werewolves soundtrack.

As per all new projects, I like to come up with a soundtrack or playlist, so that I could get into the right mood. It’s grimdark werewolves, so it’s not the usual wolves I tend to write, though the primalness still remains and I want to capture this in what I am writing now.  Be warned: the current songs are metal (specifically Mongolian folk metal). I suspect the playlist will change and evolve.

Tengger Cavalry – The Wolf Ritual

The start of the song reminds me of the ritual items used by Mongolian shamans. Bone rattles, frame drums hung and decorated with bells and metal talismans. It immediately invokes a sense of primalness, a feral quality. Perfect for scene setting.

Nine Treasures – End of The World

A song you can use for ass-kicking scenes or a rollicking good time.

Nine Treasures – Wisdom Eyes

The same as above.

Lange – I Believe (DJ Tandu Remix)

I would play this song in all my playlists all the time. Perfect for urban fight scenes and when you rage and that man is going down! Hell yeah!


And from Val Helsing



Sometimes, the smallest object puts things in perspective




Water Into Wine made the longlist for the Saboteur Awards 2018. Congratulations to all the shortlistees! Chuffed to be part of such a stellar group of creatives and artists!

Qing Ming story

I wrote this story  a while back. Today is the actual Qing Ming Festival (“Tomb Sweeping Day”) where the Chinese remember their ancestors and loved ones by cleaning their tombs/graves.



Women Up To No Good

I am with a wonderful and awesome company of women and femmes.

Support feminist anthologies of dark fiction!

1st April – Happy Easter Sunday and fighting this beastie at the same time



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