Evolution of a cover

As the Starfang sequels are about to be released, I want to take a stroll through time when Rise of the Clan first existed as a web serial on Wattpad. Its cover was done by the talented Rhiannon Rasmussen-Silverstein who subsequently created the series’ covers.

The cover was deceptively simple, but beautiful: a white-silver starship soaring in blue space with a running wolf above the title.


The Rise of the Clan cover evolved.

The black wolf is stunning with images of starships inside its profile. Howling to the heavens, the wolf gives a hint of what Starfang truly is: a space opera with werewolf merchant clans.  starfang_rise_white

The white wolf alternate cover is just as stunning.

Stay tuned for the announcement when the sequels are released!









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  1. Jocelynne Weathers
    Jul 05, 2018 @ 20:36:04

    These are absolutely on my list to read! I adore space opera! The combination with Werewolves is just brilliant! I am so looking forward to sharing these with friends, too. I know they will enjoy them as much as I.


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