Summer days

It’s hot and sunny in Singapore. I re-arranged the garden and it looks heaps better now. We are edging towards the end of July. I am proud that I have at least completed two pieces of contract (rpg) work and signed a contract for a reprint. August sounds promising, like the golden sunlight in my garden. Not sure how long it will last… but I am going to enjoy it.


How would be in store for August?

I forsee edits. Perhaps that elusive Heart of the Matter essay I keep saying I would write. Stay tuned too for more Mice. August is also Ghost Month/Hungry Ghost Festival… But after it, Mid-Autumn Festival arrives with its pretty lanterns and delicious mooncakes.

Have a lovely summer.

It’s another (anthology) launch!


My cyberpunkish story “Stars Bright As Light” is with awesome people in this cool Asian science fiction anthology.  Check it out!

Buy link(s) for werewolves in space

Buy link(s) for Claw of the Clan. The third book will be out soon!

EDIT: Paperback buy link for Claw of the Clan.

Also, happy book birthday!



Working on something…



We made it!

It’s Friday the 13th, but it’s also the weekend. Phew!

Here’s a red hibiscus to celebrate!


Over at Patreon

I talked about Singaporean werewolves.

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