Why I Almost Deleted My Patreon

Confession thread: I almost deleted my Patreon account. It felt like a disservice to my supporters and Patrons who numbered less than 40 that I wasn’t producing good stuff.

My Patreon account was set up to supplement my writing (and later, illustrating Mice). When I left full-time teaching (but we call adjunct teaching here), I never expected to use Patreon as a main source of income.

I had mulled over it for a while. If I depended on Patreon as my main source of income (not counting the royalties and payment I get as a writer), I would not even survive a MONTH.

The monthly earnings themselves would not pay for my daily expenses and medical fees. They would even not be enough to pay for my kids’, the house and groceries

The irony is that I am now a full-time writer/creator – and I have to thank my family for their support. The spouse says that we can manage – even though I keep telling him I want to get back to full-time work because it gives me a salary!

I feel bad because my Patreon monthly payout isn’t enough to pay for myself and for my family. I want to contribute to the family *and* feed myself too. Is it too much to ask?

I am already saving up and not spending as much. Prior experiences with crowdfunding were all let-downs. Hence: the frequent thought of deleting my Patreon account and just get back to work. My projects can wait, I can write at night (again), and my books can wait.

However, I thought about it. It would be a disservice to my supporters (and) myself if I quit now. So… a HUGE thank you and gratitude to you, my supporters! You keep me going.

thank you_thanksgiving


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